Lines, Lines, and more Lines

The unadorned line has always invigorated me to experiment with its limitless potential. A line is a line and nothing else. As an artist, I find this pureness of form both inspiring and daunting. I certainly understand why Agnes Martin, was fascinated by this visual simplicity. Painting each line without the aid of a ruler, there is a rawness and  bodily presence that echoes throughout her work.

Agnes Martin (March 22, 1912 – December 16, 2004)
Agnes Martin (March 22, 1912 – December 16, 2004)

Dare I say even stick figures have a certain je ne sais quoi? Whether the lanky form is sparking memories of my first drawings or allowing  for the engagement and contemplation of bygone eras, (see below: Paleolithic cave  paintings. Lascaux, France.), lines can transform into many physical, metaphorical, and visual elements.

Bird man- Cave paintingLascaux, France
Bird man- Cave painting
Lascaux, France

Grab a pencil, brush, camera, twine, or piece of metal; begin with a line! Below are pieces that I have bent and reconfigured into objects that examine this idea along with thoughts of space, science, and the intangible and tangible human form.

Lauren A. ToomerFayum, 2012
Lauren A. Toomer
Fayum, 2012
Lauren A. ToomerRib Cage, 2013Bamboo strips and wood stain
Lauren A. Toomer
Rib Cage, 2013
Bamboo strips and wood stain

Ps. In addition, to contemplating and creating the serious, theoretical, and conceptual, I still enjoy drawing childlike, line based, stick-figures. Art should be thoroughly explored and enjoyed for all that it has to offer!

Lauren A. Toomer
Little Lauren. 2013

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