What’s a Portrait?

My work that is on exhibit ( ASC Projects), utilizes various mediums to compose my portraits; it includes graphite, bamboo, reed, and even dirt. What does dirt symbolize? How is it primarily perceived; maybe as filth, soot, garbage..etc. Possibly, it represents earth, growth, and life. Seemingly, dependent on the viewers schema it can personify many things.

I made my portraits usingĀ  dirt obtained from my portrait sitter’s yard, and/or dwelling areas. Dirt becomes a connection between subject, personal space, and the earth, whether good, or bad.

Lauren A. Toomer Untitled (Dirt Drawing).
Lauren A. Toomer
Untitled (Dirt Drawing). Dirt, charcoal, white charcoal, on panel. 2012
Lauren A. Toomer Installation: "Untitled - (Dirt drawing)" and "DNA (DNA Sculpture)".
Lauren A. Toomer
Installation: “Untitled (Dirt drawing)” and “DNA (DNA Sculpture)”.

Can the sculptural elements of DNA (below) be a portrait…?

Lauren A. Toomer DNA (sculpture)-detail
Lauren A. Toomer
DNA (sculpture)-detail

Indeed, there are millions and billions….of things happening around us every second of our life, externally and internally. With my art I blend these “two worlds” together.

Lauren A. Toomer 42 Atomic Orbital Mask Portraits . 8x8x6 (+- each).
Lauren A. Toomer
49 Atomic Orbital Mask Portraits. Bamboo, light and shadow.
8x8x6 approx.- individual mask dimensions. 2013

My motivation to create art is ignited by my curiosity, driven by my restless mind and kept constant by my desire to reveal the specialness and sublime nature that is present all around us!