Fayum Portrait Series

With my ongoing Fayum Portrait series I draw the figures of unidentified John and Jane Does. Referencing missing people databases I translated the mass index of internet content into single in-depth portraits. Their faces are drawn on found manila envelopes that easily could have also been filed away, forgotten, or discarded. My work continuously unfolds with apparent and hidden figures and mementos, layered and embedded throughout the composition. Similar to seeing an image in a cloud, every time one image is perceived another image in the scene arrives to take its place.


Fayum Portrait #6, #1, #2
Graphite and white charcoal on found manila envelopes; and wood shelves; 14” x 10” each
Fayum Portrait # 16, 2011, Graphite, white charcoal on manilla envelope, 14” x 10”