Have you ever walked from a brightly lit room into a darkened one — noticing that within this moment, your gaze loses its grip and you are blinded if just for a second? Like an eyelash falling into an eye, our sense of attention only makes itself present when something disrupts its surface. I treasure instances that catch me unaware, making me profoundly cognizant of a moment.

With my art, I feel compelled to give corporeal form to the intangible and hidden. I often create art about people, places, and things that remain on the periphery of our culture’s sight. My recent series of works take on as subject bodies—human bodies as well as bodies of water and land—that in both contents and aesthetic consider the transition between being and disintegration. My legible pieces often toy with the boundary between figuration and abstraction. Incorporating empty space and fragmented forms have allowed me to disengage from readymade understandings.

Graphite drawing serves as my home base, while I also rigorously explore oil painting and sculptural projects. Continually, I look at alternative approaches that challenge the spatial, contextual, and surface boundaries that circumscribe us.

© 2017 Lauren A. Toomer and All rights reserved.


Grounded (scroll), 2015, Graphite on paper, 75” x 45” (displayed 68”x 45”)